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How do you get your employees active on LinkedIn?

The theory is good, but practice makes the difference. And you know the drill. You've had a really inspiring training but after a week you fall back into familiar habits. Too bad, but unfortunately it is often the practice.

LinkedIn Business Game

To get participants immediately active after a Masterclass LinkedIn, I have developed a special LinkedIN Business Game. Your employees are challenged to become active users and to make connections in the online business world. They learn to look differently at their daily work, to think like editors and to write their own first blogs. During a period of 4 weeks participants gather points through their online behaviour on LinkedIn. Through this competition element the learned skills are put in practice and the first results will start to sign off immediately. During the game, participants can always contact me for help and advice. Of course only on LinkedIn, phone and mail are taboo :-)

And the winner is ...

The LinkedIn Business game will end with a wrap-up of about two hours, the successes and lessons learned will be shared and a winner can be determined. Naturally the winner deserves a nice prize. But the real winner is the entire organization. Because it has been proven that the LinkedIn Business Game offers active and motivated employees. Employees who represent your brand in a positive way and act as ambassadors of your organization. I therefore call them proudly Co-Branders instead of Co-Workers.

Within four weeks, you will immediately see the results of your employees. They make agreements with new clients via LinkedIn and realize together easy visibility for your organization. This visibility proven translated into a media value between 15,000 and 30,000 Euro per month and between 400.000 and 500.000 views on their updates within 4 weeks!!

The LinkedIN Business Game is a add-on of the LinkedIN Masterclass. Do you also to want get started with Social Selling and to get new customer with LinkedIn? Please contact me by phone +31 615013936 and we will transform your co-workers into Co-Branders.

This Business Game is invented by Richard Bordes/Lawaaimaker and has no connection with the LinkedIn company. 

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